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Kite String and Balloons

Kite String 

There are many types of hazards in addition to fishing line that injure wildlife due to carelessness.  Kite string left tangled between trees is just as much a hazard for birds as fishing line.  The seagull above flew into this kite string causing it to wrap around the string.  A tree trimming truck was called out to cut this bird down, it was then taken to Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research in Newark Delaware where it was successfully rehabilitated and later released.

To retrieve string out of reach in the trees overhead, tie a weight onto some string (to find a weight look on the ground around you, I’m sure you can find something, just be sure it isn’t something heavy enough to hurt you or damage anything like a parked car if you miss a few times when you toss it, it doesn’t need to be heavy, a twig will do), toss the weight over the kite string so that you are now holding both ends of the string and it is looped over the kite string above, then pull the kite string till it untangles or snaps.  Make sure you are looking down as you do this so if it snaps unexpectedly it doesn’t hit you in the face.


Balloons do not go to heaven and is strangling a bird to death how you want to celebrate your wedding?  Do not release balloons deliberately and if you are using helium balloons secure them so they are not released accidently.  
If you encounter deflated balloons, please retrieve them and dispose of them properly.
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